<goopman> hello
<goopman> what are you going to do if that guy (me) goes back into #crucis?
<goopman> also i don't appreciate being called an idiot
<goopman> to be fair he banned me for inviting someone to a different channel to play uno
<goopman> being the self-centered control freak that he is
<grimlock> hi
<grimlock> i didnt call you an idiot….
<goopman> hey
<goopman> but you said "im just here to take care of idiots who ban evade"
<grimlock> yes
<grimlock> you ban evade
<grimlock> that makes you an idiot
<grimlock> want a 3 day sample of what you get?
<goopman> i waited til the next day to attempt rejoining the channel
<goopman> it's a channel ban
<grimlock> yes
<grimlock> i know
<grimlock> and you get more than a channel ban for evasion
<goopman> what about Rizon staff not dealing with channel bans.
<grimlock> when they are properly set channel bans
<grimlock> and you are utilizing either proxies or vhost abuse to evade
<grimlock> that makes it my problem
<goopman> he never told me a length of time and it was more or less out of the blue
<grimlock> doesnt matter
<goopman> i was behaving in there, but apparently he doesn't like his people mixing with other channels he's in
<grimlock> you are starting to get on my nerves
<goopman> so i felt it was unjust
grimlock is erA.uoY.eroferehT.etuoR.I|natas#erA.uoY.eroferehT.etuoR.I|natas * satan
grimlock on +#NEWS
grimlock using * Where are you?
grimlock is an IRC Operator - Server Administrator
grimlock has identified for this nick
grimlock is using a secure connection
grimlock End of /WHOIS list.
<goopman> what is a properly set channel ban?
<grimlock> one that bans the entire host
<grimlock> and possibly a wider range
<grimlock> as well as one that possible covers ident @ *.host
<grimlock> possibly*
<goopman> i see
<grimlock> unjust or not
<grimlock> ops control the channel
<grimlock> if you dont like it
<grimlock> leave
<goopman> yeah, his channel and all plus i really have no business to be in there
<goopman> i don't even like that game
<grimlock> if an op bans you
<grimlock> that means they want you out
<grimlock> if you evade
<grimlock> that means i get involved
<goopman> thanks GRIMINATOR i love you bye bye ^^ノシ

day 2

<grimlock> are you trying to annoy me?
<goopman> i didn't say anything to you
<goopman> get off my case
<grimlock> stop whoising me all the time
<grimlock> its getting annoying
<goopman> those last 2 were to check if you can see them
<grimlock> what about the 3 before that?
<goopman> information gathering
<grimlock> uh huh…
<grimlock> why?
<goopman> personal reasons
<grimlock> well keep trying
<grimlock> you aint gonna get much
<goopman> anyway i just wanted to clarify whether what you said was a threat or a deterrence
<grimlock> not
<grimlock> what i said
<grimlock> is if you ban evade
<grimlock> and someone asks for oper assistance
<grimlock> we step in
<grimlock> someone asked for my assistance
<grimlock> which means next time i get a complaint
<grimlock> you get wings
<goopman> yes but you only used words such as "sample" and "take care of" which doesn't really tell me what you're saying you may do
<grimlock> well i have several things i can do
<grimlock> i can take away hostserv access
<grimlock> i can make services ignore you
<grimlock> i can suspend you nick
<grimlock> i can akill you
<goopman> i don't use vhosts so don't care for that one
<goopman> akill is auto kill?
<grimlock> auto kline
<goopman> that would be troublesome
<grimlock> on all rizon servers
<goopman> okay you were much more informative this time
<goopman> though i think i still would've went for a second opinion to clarify had you said it yesterday
<goopman> if i have trouble with the same guy i can count on you right?

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